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Wall mounted split systems offer an efficient and effective way to instantly cool or heat your home. Split systems are an affordable solution for those seeking other reverse cycle options. Compared to other air-conditioning systems, wall mounted units have a lower purchasing cost, are simple to install and are easily accessible for regular servicing, resulting in lower initial and ongoing maintenance costs.

Units from our supplier, Hitachi, can run and cool your home in extreme heat conditions, with models catering to temperatures of up to 52 degrees Celsius. All parts and labour come with a 5-year warranty to give you that extra peace of mind.

Hitachi units include the new FrostWash cleaning technology resulting in cleaner and fresher air throughout your home. FrostWash cools down the heat exchanger to -15 degrees Celsius and the formed frost traps harmful bacteria, mould, and dust particles inside which are then flushed away when the unit heats up and melts the frost. This innovative technology means the inside of your machine can be cleaned without a professional technician having to regularly be involved.

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Hitachi Wall Mounted Split Systems

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